Last weekend, 40 of the members of Resurrection gathered for a “Spiritual DNA” workshop, led by Rev. Travis Guse of the SED. We looked at the “Spiritual DNA” of our congregation – that is, the Mission, the Vision and the Values of our faith community.

The Mission of a congregation is the answer to the question: “What are we here for? What is God calling us to be and to do for the sake of the Gospel?” Since the Mission of a congregation is always the same mission as the Church itself – that is, “to make disciples” – what we are trying to determine is the “why” behind the “what” of everything we are and do. Over the past year, we have looked at the various “commissions” of Christ to His Church that are found in Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-16; Luke 24:46-49; and Acts 1:8. Taken all together, the group came up with a Mission statement:

“We engage our community to connect all people with Jesus.”

Notice the vertical and horizontal facets of ministry – our relationship with God and our relationship with our fellow man. When you look at the Ten Commandments, you will note that there are “Two Tables” of the Law: the first three commandments which describe how we are to relate to God (vertical) and the rest of the commandments which describe how we relate to our fellow man (horizontal). There is also an “in” and an “up” directive in terms of discipleship; thus, we “engage our community” (the “in”) in order “to connect all people with Jesus” (the “up”). This mission statement connects the dots: “We engage our community” which mirrors the “go and make disciples” commission (going “out” to draw people “in”) and we do this in order “to connect all people with Jesus” which finishes the commission – “of all nations, baptizing them…teaching them” (building “up” to lift people “up”).

I want to thank Travis Guse for his work with the congregation and I want to encourage Resurrection to continue to make use of his skills and knowledge as we continue to set our mission and ministry parameters for our future mission and ministry.

I also want to commend those who gathered together last Saturday for their hard work and willingness to do it “right” rather than just “get ‘er done.” I know that you will continue the good work needed for Resurrection’s future.

And, finally, I want to officially “sign off” with this last blog. Sunday, February 16th will be my “farewell and Godspeed” from Resurrection. It has been my honor and privilege to serve you as the Intentional Interim Pastor. I thank God for His grace and guidance in my time of serving you. And I want to you know that Resurrection will continue to be in my prayers even as I move to my next assignment. God bless and keep you all!