Help the Youth Group raise funds for Local and National Youth Gatherings!

Instead of paying with cash or credit, use prepaid gift cards from America’s favorite and most trusted retailers. The Youth Group earns money just by you making regular household purchases.

Read General Information about Scrip Program.


1. Review the most up to date list of available Scrip gift cards

Search for Retailers On-Line

2. Fill out Scrip Order Form

3. Submit Order form and payment to the Scrip Coordinator

  • Checks and the completed order form can be placed in the church office box.
  • Cash payments must be submitted in person to the Scrip Coordinator, Mary Retzlaff. Please contact Mary with any questions at 757-872-4864.

4. You will be notified when your order is ready for pick-up
Scrip Orders are processed on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Typically, orders will be available by the following Sunday.


When you see Scrip simply replace that word with “GIFT CARD”.  A Scrip card is a gift card.  The dollar amount you order is the dollar value of your Scrip gift card(s).

Specific information and more links to further details about the RLC program can be found at the Scrip Programpage on the church website. General information about the scrip programs can be found at the Great Lakes Scrip Center website.

Complete a Scrip Order Form and submit it to the Scrip Coordinator along with payment.

Currently Chip and Mary Retzlaff are the Scrip Coordinators.  They can be contacted at

Yes, the deadline for Scrip Orders is the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Yes, the schedule will change during the holiday months (November & December) to provide sufficient time for you to place orders & receive them before the actual holidays! Watch the church bulletin and newsletter for specific information and schedule changes.

Turnaround from order placed by the Scrip Coordinator to when order arrives is typically less than one week. For example, orders are placed on the Monday following the 4th Sunday and usually arrive by the Friday of that week so are available for pick up that next Sunday.

An up-to-date listing of all available Scrip Cardscan be found on the Scrip website and you can download an   Alphabetical listing (by Business Name)and Categorical Listing (by Business Type). Hard copies of these lists are available in door pocket of Pastor Ben’s office.

No, due to extra cost of shipping per additional order, one bulk order is made per month by the Scrip coordinator.  This helps maximize the amount of funds received by the Youth Group.

Yes, these are the options we use to maximize the amount of funds received by the Youth Group.

No, we utilize the check or cash method only.  Due to service fees associated with credit cards the companies the Youth get more for each dollar when we use cash or checks.

When using check or cash, the Scrip Order Form and the money must be given to the Scrip Coordinator directly.  You can contact the Scrip Coordinator at LYFRSCRIP@rlcnn.orgor see them in person to coordinate a time and day to drop off your order.

Yes, you will be called and/or emailed to inform you that your Scrip cards are available for pick up the Sunday following the date the Scrip order arrives.

No, direct delivery allows the youth to maximize the amount of funds received and ensures correctness of the order delivered.

On the Sunday after the Scrip arrive there will be a table set up in the Church Lobby between services and manned by the Youth or Scrip Coordinator to allow you to pick up your cards. If the cards are not picked up at that time you will need to arrange with the Scrip Coordinator how to pick up the cards.

All cards must be signed for when picked up.  The original order form will be signed by both parties when the cards are picked up. This allows for an accurate record of the order and delivery.

No, they do not expire.

No, while you may notice that “reloadable” cards are listed as available on the Scrip Website we do not currently utilize that option.

This raises funds for National Youth Gathering expenses as well as other youth activities and events throughout the year.