You know what’s amazing?  The way God continues to speak directly and honestly to humanity today (right now in November of 2014!) in the way only He can; with timeliness, applicability and His timeless Truth.  One of my devotions last week asked a great application question: “Read 1 Peter 2:9-10 – How have you responded to the blessings of the New Covenant God gives Christians today?”

How about that for counter-cultural?  How are we responding to the blessings God has given us?  By God’s grace, by His Word and By His Holy Spirit ARE we responding to Him or are we reacting in fear, sorrow and doubt to all the tragic, the negative and the darkness that seems to be unending?

We are Christians.  We make a confession of our sins and our desperate need for God’s undeserved mercy every day.  We make another confession, a confession of what we believe in the Creed every week when we gather with other Christians for corporate worship.

Rather than reacting to the world, which is dying just as we are dying – may we respond to that Good News of Jesus Christ in the 6 days and 23 hours we’re not in church confessing the Creed while standing in the pews…when we’re out in the midst of the darkness that seems to be unending, the God who delivered us in Christ alone gives us faith to trust His promises.  He really did crush the darkness of sin (yes, your sin!).  He really did defeat the hopelessness of Death.  Jesus actually crushed Satan’s head (as if God knew what He was saying Genesis 3:15 after all!) – all these things God Almighty did through Christ’s blood, death and resurrection in History.

The Psalmist asks the question befitting of the forgiven sinner responding to God’s undeserved mercy.  “How can I repay the LORD for all His goodness to me?”  We respond to God’s love by loving others as He first loved us.  Take heart as we have trouble in the world, for God Almighty has already overcome the world, as Jesus said, so we trust, “It is Finished!”  LORD have mercy, Come LORD Jesus Come, Amen!