Dear Friends in the RISEN Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior,


SOMEHOW to Attain to the Resurrection from the Dead


“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so,


(Philippians 3:10)

      Paul knew the way, surely! – when he wrote these words to the Philippian Christians.  So what is with this “SOMEHOW”?  He knew that he was called by Christ to take up his cross and follow the One who went the way of the cross, and who rose again on the third day.  Surely Paul knew that!

      Yet, he didn’t know under what circumstances he would die.  He didn’t know when his life’s journey would be ended, and when he would pass from this world into eternity.  He knew who would take him there: his Lord Jesus Christ!  He knew where his Lord would take him: “I have a desire to depart and be with Christ.”  He knew the victory that would overcome this world: his faith.  He did not know when this victory would take place.  He trusted this: somehow he was going to make it; somehow he was going to endure his tribulations and crosses; somehow he was going to attain that final destiny: his own resurrection from the dead.

      Little do we know of what lies ahead in our Christian lives.  What crosses are there for us to bear?  What tribulations and afflictions are in front of us in this life?  How many more days, months, years, decades do we have on this earth before we die in the faith, so as to await that glorious resurrection from the dead?

      It makes no difference, really!  Somehow we are going to make it.  Somehow we are going to endure.  Somehow we will, in Christ, attain the resurrection from the dead!  That is our sure hope – promised by our God who ALWAYS keeps His promises!

      The Lenten Season, Holy Week and Easter morning have everything to do with that “SOMEHOW.”  As we prepare to enter the Season of Lent, may our hearts and lives be turned to hear again the sacrificial life of our Savior, as we ponder His love and sacrifice for us.  Have a most REVIVING Lent, Holy Week and Easter Season!  It is the secret to SOMEHOW attaining the resurrection from the dead.”




The “REVIVAL” begins in March . . .

“What are you talking about, Pastor Hank,” you might be thinking.  We’re Lutherans – and the idea of revivals are not in our DNA.  But revivals are in our DNA!  Just think of the SEASON OF LENT!  Lent is a TIME of renewal and refreshment of our Faith, as we turn our eyes solely on Jesus and His great work for our salvation.  It is a time for us to “re-charge” our spiritual batteries, as we focus on the sinless life, the atoning death, and the victorious resurrection of our Savior.  Indeed, Lent is a time of RENEWAL – and we should sincerely seek to make it so by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our hearts and lives!  If you are not regular in worship – Lent is a time to begin!  If you are not in a corporate Bible study – Lent is a good time to begin!  If you are not in daily prayer to our gracious heavenly Father – Lent is a good time to begin!  If you are not opening God’s Word on a regular basis (daily would be great!) – Lent is a good time to begin!  Don’t let the REVIVAL SEASON pass you by … the Season of Lent can truly be a time of renewal!


We gather every Wednesday of the Lenten Season for REVIVAL, renewal and refreshment of our faith, as we turn our eyes upon Jesus and His “cross” work for us!  A Fellowship Dinner will be served in the Fellowship Hall between 5:45 to 6:45 PM, with our Lenten “REVIVAL” Worship at 7:00 PM.  The Theme for our 2014 Lenten “Revival” Services is: “Restored in Christ: Restored from Broken Hearts – Broken Vessels – Broken Trust – Broken Bread – Broken Promises – Broken Justice.”  Also, on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM, I am leading an Adult Bible Study that will dig even deeper into each of these items of brokenness in our lives, and how we are RESTORED IN CHRIST!  Join with your congregational family as we walk with our Savior this Lenten Season through His suffering, His cross, His death, and His glorious resurrection – ALL FOR US and ALL PEOPLE!  May God’s Spirit REVIVE our often sagging, lagging faith!


                                                      Journeying to Christ’s Cross and Empty Tomb with You,

                                                                                                                           Pastor Hank Hollar