Listening Posts

As we enter a formal, transitional phase of the Intentional Interim Ministry, we will begin to have series of “listening posts” where we will sit and reflect on data collected, history of the church, and asking where God is working in our midst.

The first of our “listening posts” will be held the week of April 28 – May 4 and will focus on the results of the “surveys” that we will have completed – the “worship survey” of all members, the “staff surveys” and the “body surveys” of the leaders. I and the Transitional Task Force will share the results and ask for everyone’s input as they reflect on the findings. Sign-up sheets for the different “listening posts” will be available by this Sunday – please sign up for planning purposes.

The second of our “listening posts” will be held the week of May 12-17. These gatherings will look at our “history” and “heritage,” looking at some of the following questions:

  • How do we value our past?
  • What have we made a part of our story from our successes, crises, and failures?
  • How did we develop our current set of norms and values, which set our boundaries?
  • Have we been enriched by or imprisoned by the events of our history?
  • How do we value our past, but move into the future?

Additionally, we will discuss some of the following:

  • In what ways have we played it “safe” as a church?
  • What are the unwritten rules of our church, and what happens if they’re transgressed?
  • Do we see the church as a safe haven from change, or a change-agent in the world?
  • If our church ceased to exist, would the surrounding community weep? Would anyone notice? Would anyone care?
  • Where is the Lord in all of this?

Through the summer months, the Transitional Task Force and I will prepare and present what is called a “Complete Ministry Audit.” Following those presentations, our last set of “listening posts” will be reflections on the report and recommendations that will help us complete the congregation’s “Self-Evaluation Tool” (SET) for the District President and develop a “Pastoral Profile” for the next, resident pastor at Resurrection.

These “listening posts” are your opportunity for comments and reflection that will make the transition process representative of the total membership. I hope you will take the opportunity to attend and participate!