“Future Casting” is the art of looking forward with prior knowledge of an organization and its DNA and “forecasting” future endeavors and goals. Such an exercise helps groups and individuals to look forward toward a destination. That doesn’t mean that the entire journey is a known fact; it means that you keep moving forward despite the detours and distractions that would divert your energies or commitment to one’s plan. Some people would readily counter that as a church and as Christians, we shouldn’t be “planning” a future – that God will take us where he wants us to go and enable us to do what he wants done. There is no dispute with this. Too often, we relegate the concept of “prophecy” to “fore-telling” – that is, telling the future; but,  biblical, “prophecy” isn’t often more about “forth-telling” – that is, talking about the current situation and warnings if things don’t change. Sometimes we refer to this as “telling it as it is.” “Future Casting” says: “Here is the situation; here are the historical tendencies; this is where we’re heading.”

Beginning this Sunday, and continuing throughout the next week, we will looking at the results of our “Complete Ministry Audit” that I and the Transitions Task Force (TTF) have been compiling for the past, several months. We’ve looked at our history; we’ve looked at our tendencies; we’re looking forward, setting a course for Resurrection’s future mission and ministry that will put us on track with God’s will for his Church and this church. This exercise helps us to prepare a thorough and deeply introspective “Self-Evaluation Tool” (SET) that we will send to the Southeastern District LCMS to help inform them of our perceived mission and ministry and give them insight for selecting pastoral candidates for our new, resident pastor. These presentations will be last about an hour and an “executive summary” of their findings and recommendations will be distributed to participants. For the next several weeks, everyone who participates will be asked to think and pray through the summary and the recommendations of the Audit. In early October, we will re-convene throughout a week of “listening posts” to hear the thoughts of everyone regarding our future mission and ministry. This exercise in “future casting” is an effort to connect with God’s will for his Church and this church to set the course for our mission and ministry as a congregation. We need everyone to participate in this process.

“Future Casting” may be seen as futile and it may feel frustrating in the process, but the simple fact of the matter is this: If we have no target, no destination, as a congregation, we have no direction and we’ll never know if we’re on course or not. Be a part of the exercise as we look forward to serving Christ and the neighbors he puts in our midst!