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Eyes on Jesus

Fix your eyes on Jesus. When the people in the Passion narrative looked at Jesus, what did they see? The Eyes on Jesus series asks us to look at Jesus through various Biblical character’s viewpoints, learning how they saw Jesus. Did they misunderstand Him? Did they recognize Him as the Son of God? Using Scripture passages from the Gospel of Mark, challenge yourself to consider what you see when you look at Jesus.

While Resurrection has had to cancel all publicly attended services and all other Easter Activities due to the coronavirus, all of our services will be streamed live on our website and can be viewed later.

Event Date Time Details
Lenten Midweek Worship Wednesday, March 25 and April 1 6:30 PM Worship and Word study
Palm Sunday Sunday, April 5 11:00 AM
Maundy Thursday Thursday, April 9 12 PM
Good Friday Friday, April 10 12 PM
Easter Sunday, April 12 11:00 AM