Don’t Underestimate the POWER OF A SMILE

From the book, Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore, by Thom & Joani Schultz

Just smile!

Offer others the gift of your smile. Not only does a smile convey warmth and the beginnings of “radical hospitality,”** it also makes you feel better. You’ve heard it said, “If you have the joy of the Lord, tell your face.”

A study published in the journal Psychological Science confirms the benefits of the warm gesture: When pedestrians on a busy street walked past a stranger who smiled at them, they felt more connected to others. Researchers note that even small acts of kindness can ward off feelings of isolation and ostracism, plus foster a sense of fraternity and compassion within the community – factors linked to the cultivation of long-term happiness.

** Radical Hospitality is a term that Thom and Joani use throughout their book. What does it mean? Well, let me share what they say:


In essence, Jesus says, “You’re welcome just as you are.” Throughout his ministry, Jesus embraced despised prostitutes, cheating tax collectors, smelly fishermen, and all manner of sinners. He reached out and touched the blind, the lame, even the “untouchables” – the lepers. Jesus opened his arms and welcomed others in such a radical way that the churchy types got pretty ticked! We humans would rather people clean up their acts before we connect with them. Thankfully, God doesn’t think like that (p. 73).