March 21 , 2018

Many thanks to the members of Resurrection Lutheran Church and parents and students of Resurrection Lutheran School and Child Care.  A total of $140.00 was collected in support of our Hearts for Jesus Project.  These monies were sent to our Southeastern District Office for dispersal to Lima, Peru in support of “Mighty Fortress Mission House”.  These funds, in conjunction with funds from other Lutheran Schools in our District and Synod, will help support children in need of a safe environment, with school supplies, lunch and snack, Bible study materials and tutoring.
Thank you for helping share the love of Jesus Christ with those in need!!!

During the month of February, Resurrection Lutheran School and Child Care will be helping to support “Castillo Fuerte” (Mighty Fortress – Mercy House) in Lima, Peru.  Castillo Fuerte serves the children and youth from some of the poorest communities in and around Lima. Peru.  Along with sharing the Gospel of Jesus they also provide a program of spiritual care (daily devotions, catechism classes and Bible Studies) above all sharing the love of Christ to the children and young people throughout the city.  Read more about Castillo Fuerte.

Along with other Lutheran Schools in the Southeastern District and Synod, the goal is to raise $10,000.00 to provide meals, snacks, school supplies, and Bible Study materials for each child ($600.00 annually or $50.00 per month) for those in need.  Resurrection Lutheran School invites the members of Resurrection Lutheran Church to participate in this program as well.  A poster board with a heart shape drawn on it will be posted in the Fellowship Hall.  All donations will be represented by a heart sticker placed inside the heart on the poster board.  The object is to “fill up” the heart shape on the poster board.

Join us in our Outreach support (Physical and Spiritual) for children in Peru !!