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Youth Lock-in 23Jun17


This past Friday our junior youth and senior youth groups came together to have a combined lock-in. What a fun experience it was for all. I was absolutely touched to hear a parent drop her children off and comment about how many senior youth were participating in the lock in. To the average person this may not seem like anything remarkable. But to the mother of a impressionable pre-teenage boy this was remarkable! Having older youth interact with the younger kids taught not only my son but all the kids that attended that it is OK to love Jesus and still be fun. Giving the junior youth group an opportunity to have a senior youth member to look up to and mentor them is priceless. Children need to know that they are not expected to be perfect in God’s eyes. But we do expect them to make good choices, try their very best and have fun while doing so. After the kids were loaded up on pizza, snacks, sugar and energy drinks; how did that even happen? We let them burn off some of their energy by having a Nerf gun battle in the fellowship hall and hallways, dance party, video games, we played hide and seek in the dark, and some of our children even enjoyed a few rounds of bingo! Eventually we put on movies and some kids started to fall asleep! Thank you lord Jesus! But we still had a few diehards that refused to go down in fear of having their faces painted. As you will see from our pictures as soon as our lock in was over and everything was packed up two of our younger kids did crash!

I can tell you that many memories were made that evening not just for the kids but for the chaperones. Being able to share fun experiences with my son and his friends in the church will be something I will always cherish. I think he’s going to cherish that he was allowed to run around the church without pastor fussing at him!

Thank you to the parents that did provide the food rations that we so desperately needed to survive the night, the chaperones who so graciously gave of their time, and so many others who donated prizes for the kids to win throughout the night. And most importantly thank you to Mr. Retzlaff for bringing us donuts the next morning!