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The View from the Pulpit:

The View from the Pulpit:

Dear Members and Friends at Resurrection,

It seems to me that summer is a great time to go to church! I know that flies in the face of popular perception. The schedule of the church has become so intertwined with that of public schools that many feel that summer vacation is both a school and a church phenomenon. Here is my LIST of the “why’s” for attending church all summer:

 You can dress casually. Sure, you can dress casually all year round. God judges by what is in the heart, not by what is on one’s back. But somehow a short-sleeve shirt or a light cotton print skirt seems more acceptable to many when everyone else is dressed like that.
 You can meet new people. It is fun and educational to meet the new folks that show up at our services during the summer months. There is always plenty of room. Our guests come from all over the country – and many times, they are “church shopping” – looking for a new church home because they are new to our community! Other visitors come here since they are in the area on vacation. What a wonderful expression of the “communion of saints!”
 You can see new churches. Because you are away at your summer mountain cottage, or at the beach, or vacationing away from home does not mean that you cannot go to church. There is no community in the U.S.A. where there is not a Christian congregation, and few where there is not a Lutheran congregation! Give the church office a call or email (596.5808 / info@rlcnn.org) if you would like to know a church close to where you will be vacationing. Chances are you will be welcomed as warmly as we welcome visitors here!
 You can share hospitality. All summer our Fellowship Hour continues at 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings! These are wonderful opportunities to get to know others better – and to make new friends!
 You can receive a blessing. Even in the summer, God feeds His children. The Word of God is preached – the Lord’s Supper is shared – the Prayers of the Church are offered – Baptisms continue to be celebrated – the praise of God’s people is lifted up in word and song – both Sunday School for our children and Education Classes (for our older youth and adults) continue to be held!

It seems to me that summer is a great time to go to church! See you here every Sunday this summer! Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors, relatives and co-workers! Share the Good News of God’s love in Christ our Lord!


A person once told a pastor of his desire to become a member of the congregation. “However,” he said, “I am very busy, so please don’t call on me for any committee work, teaching a class, or singing in the choir. And spare me from anything that would take my time, and don’t be surprised if I’m not in worship very often. Also, don’t expect me to give much –I have plenty of expenses, others will just have to take up the slack.”
The pastor thought for a moment and then replied, “I believe you are at the wrong church. The church you’re looking for is ten blocks down the street.” The man followed the pastor’s directions and soon came upon an abandoned, boarded up, closed church building.
It was a “dead church,” gone out of business! May each of us always be alive to the mission and ministry of the Lord’s church. Remember, lively Christians make churches which are alive! Dedicated Christians make churches determined to follow the Lord’s will and mission!
With summer time upon us, families are making plans for their vacations. Some of the things that must be done before leaving are:
( ) have the mail stopped
( ) have the newspaper stopped
( ) board the family animals
How about adding one more item to your check list? Just as your house or apartment payments and your car payments (and other bills!) go right on while you are on vacation, our church expenses continue also. We still have to pay the electric bill, the water bill, bills for Sunday school materials, salaries, etc. Please don’t stop your offerings like the newspaper or mail … instead, add this item to your checklist before you go:
( ) add church offerings to vacation finance planning and drop it off before leaving.
Resurrection will be glad you did! – OR begin using the electronic giving available to all members!

The grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all …

Your Fellow Servant in Christ our Lord,
Pastor Hank Hollar