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The View from the Pulpit

The View from the Pulpit:

Dear People of God, Gathered Around Word and Sacraments,

     DID YOU KNOW THAT RESURRECTION HAS AN EXCELLENT SUNDAY SCHOOL PROGRAM, utilizing Gospel-centered and well-prepared materials, having great leadership in Michelle Raybourne as Superintendent, and dedicated and willing Sunday School teachers.  Our goal in Sunday School is to help our children (and adults!) mature in their faith.  I feel it is possible to double our present Sunday School attendance (children and adults) if we could dispel some MYTHS about the Sunday School program.

     Sunday School is just for children.  WRONG!  The Lutheran Church has always stressed the importance of Bible study for adults as well as children.  How else do we mature in our faith unless we feed on God’s Word?  And in this day of continuing education as a requirements in most professions, we should more easily see that as Christians, we need to continue our learning from God’s Word, the Bible, and its teachings for our lives.

     I learn all I need to know about God and His Word from the worship service.  WRONG!  If this were true, why have a two-year, weekly Confirmation Ministry at Resurrection for our older youth?  The same way we must eat food to sustain our lives, so we must feast on God’s good Word for spiritual sustenance and growth (as Martin Luther’s prayer reminds us: “Blessed Lord, since you have caused all Holy Scriptures for our learning, grant that we may so hear them, read, mark, learn and take them to heart … ).  Our worship services are designed for adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication – and yes, some learning does take place.  But this does not substitute for in-depth study and group discussion of God’s Word in an Adult  Bible Class or a Sunday School class.

I do not know enough about the Bible (or God, or doctrine, or the Cate-chism, or whatever, etc.) to be a part of a Bible ClassRIGHT AND WRONG!  None of us (including the Pastor and church leaders!) know enough about the Bible, or doctrine, or the Catechism, or whatever, etc.) – that is the whole purpose of attending a Bible Class or Sunday School: to grow in our knowledge and love of God who has blessed us so bountifully, so we may be “thoroughly equipped for every good work” [2 Timothy 3:17].

There is not a place for me in the Sunday School programWRONG! 

          There is a place for everybody on every age level and every interest level!  God lovingly invites us to be a part of growing in His Word.  Also, our Board of Christian Education (Sean Kyzar, Chair) is always seeking the suggestions of members for ideas on specific studies and topics.  Our Sunday School and Adult Classes not only provide excellent learning opportunities but also fellowship and support in a Christian atmosphere!

As Lutherans, we have a long-standing practice that formal Christian education is vital for children.  We are less convinced that it is just as vital for adults!  Without continuing growth in God’s Word, we face life equipped with an 8th grade Christian education to meet the challenges to our faith by the world, the devil and our own sinful nature.  Paul reminds Timothy [2 Timothy 3:16-17] that the most important equipment a believer can have is the Word of God.  God breathed His Word and it prepares us for the battles of everyday living.  If we are fighting not against flesh and blood, but against Satan and his legions, what kind of fight can we muster if we are using primitive weapons?  Would you want to function in the world with the skills you had in the 8th grade?  Why should we be content to be limited by our growth in God’s Word?

If you ask God to open our hearts, minds and lives to the power of His Word, He will do it, and you will be equipped with the best weapons available for the “good fight of faith.”  Resurrection will be equipped to carry out its mission and ministry with renewed strength and vigor!  We can be a church alive and on fire for the Lord!  Sign up for Sunday School for your children this Sunday, and also for the many Bible studies offered for Adults! 

May God continue to bless each of you in mission and ministry!

Together With You, in Christ,

Pastor Hank Hollar

Living  in  God’s  Grace!