Our mission is to Love and Obey the Savior, Equip believers for Ministry and Share the Good News of Jesus.

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The Season of Advent Mood Is Expressed In:

The View from the Pulpit:

Dear Fellow Members of Resurrection,

The Season of Advent Mood Is Expressed In:

COLOR: The mood of Advent is expressed in the liturgical color of BLUE. This color depicts a quiet feeling of dignity, the royal color of the sky (from where Jesus will “come again”) – the color of waiting and watching and joyful HOPE. It denotes a quiet time of watching and waiting and praying for the coming of Christ the King!

SOLEMNITY AND SOBRIETY: Traditionally, Advent was a penitential season, originally referred to as the “winter Lent.” This mood of sobriety is not expressed as much as in earlier times, as the emphasis now is waiting and watching: Jesus is coming! This is conveyed in many of our Advent hymns. Christmas carols and decorations are added as the season progresses.

JOY AND HOPE: Advent stresses not so much fulfillment as anticipation of fulfillment: the Lord is coming! Christians have great expectations of Christ’s coming again. It is the quiet joy of anticipation of past events and prophecies. It is the quiet joy of coming events!

THE ADVENT WREATH: The use of the Advent Wreath in our worship marks the growing light of the Savior who comes into the world as “the light of the world!” The four candles – plus the center candle – are:

PROPHECY CANDLE: reminding us of the growing hope for salvation nourished through the prophets of old.

BETHLEHEM CANDLE: reminding us to prepare ourselves for Jesus’ coming, as we sing: “Let every heart prepare him room.”

ANGEL’S CANDLE: reminding us of the Good News that the angels brought – that Christ is coming into the world for all people and their salvation!

SHEPHERD’S CANDLE: reminding us to share the Good News of Jesus the Savior, just as the shepherds did, “glorifying and praising God for all they had seen and heard.”

Join your Resurrection family as we prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord Jesus, and celebrate the meaning of Christmas: the Incarnation of our Lord – coming for our salvation!

Your Fellow Servant, in Christ our Lord,
Pastor Hank Hollar


Join with your congregational family each Sunday of Advent (December 2, 9, 16, 23) as we prepare our hearts and lives to receive God’s Gift of Love, and celebrate the coming of our Savior into the World.

on the Wednesdays of Advent (December 5, 12, & 19). The Special services of Advent help us prepare for the joy and Good News of Christmas! A FELLOWSHIP MEAL will be served between 5:45-6:30 PM for every Advent Midweek Service. It is very important that you sign up for the meal on the Fellowship Board.
Everyone is invited to the fun of decorating the Sanctuary, the Lobby area, the Entrance Way, and the Fellowship Hall for the Christmas celebrations, on Saturday, December 8th, beginning at 8:00 AM (the Men’s Fellowship Breakfast begins serving at 8 AM, and serves until 10:00 AM). Area decorating will begin around 8:30 AM – but come when you can – a lot of help is NEEDED!

will be held on Wednesday evening, December 12th, at 7:00 PM, preceded by the Fellowship Meal at 5:45 PM. The Theme for the program is “Christmas in Our ‘Jammies.” Come, see and hear our younger saints proclaim the Good News of Christmas.

The Resurrection Sunday School cordially invites their congregational family to the Sunday School Christmas Service on Sunday, December 16, at the Late Service (11:00 AM). Come as our SS Children proclaim the Good News of Christmas!

Invite and bring a friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker to any of Resurrection’s special Advent services and events!