Our mission is to Love and Obey the Savior, Equip believers for Ministry and Share the Good News of Jesus.

Our Mission


Stewardship at Resurrection

Giving Thanks, and Helping to Sustain Our Many Blessings

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Christian Stewardship is:

  • the proper and generous use of our time, talent and money;
  • all that we do with our lives
  • about joyfully returning to God a portion of all the gifts which God has so generously showered upon us

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

For more details please see the Biblical Stewardship Principles and Stewardship Bible Study


What Programs / Ministries Are Supported by Your Financial Support?

Supporting the ministries of Resurrection requires about $500,000  in a typical year. Here is a just a partial list of what your pledge dollars support:

  • Outreach ministries
  • Salaries for Pastor Hollar, Ann Ezell, Rich Peltz, Ann Walstrom and Enid  (Pastor, School Principal/DCE, Organist/Administrator, Church Secretary)
  • Two Sunday Services and special weekday services
  • Music for the Choirs
  • Vestments for Acolytes
  • Heat and Light
  • Certificates for Baptism
  • Nursery Attendants
  • Bible Study Materials
  • Meeting Rooms for all Ministries
  • Wine for Communion
  • Telephone
  • Internet & Website
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Snow Removal
  • Lawn Cutting
  • Food and Supplies for PORT guests
  • Adult and Youth Programs
  • Space for several community groups

Of course, a list cannot begin to convey the difference these ministries have made in the lives of the Resurrection  community and the community at large.

You support these very worthy activities that take place every day and every week at Resurrection Lutheran Church. There’s more that we want to accomplish next year. Your support will help us realize these goals.

How Do I Make a donation to Resurrection?

After prayerful consideration:

There are several options:

  • Write a check and place it in the offering plate or mail to Resurrection Lutheran Church
  • Pay using our secure online payment service where you can use Direct Bank Transfers or Credit / Debit Cards.

More Information:

On-line Pledge Form         Printable Pledge Form       Biblical Stewardship Principles   

Stewardship Bible Study


Our Mission:

to LOVE and obey the Savior,

    to EQUIP believers for ministry, and

        to SHARE the Good News of Jesus



“Being Disciples … Making Disciples”

Our Core Values: 

Bible Centered Preaching and Teaching

           God speaks to all people through His living Word, so Resurrection stresses constant contact with that Word as essential for growth and maturity in our faith-lives and the lives of others, facilitating our transformation toward “Christ-likeness”

Generosity of Time, Talents and Money

           By His Spirit, God’s people are moved to respond to His love in Christ by offering our lives, and in particular our time, abilities and financial resources, to the expansion of the Kingdom.

Financial Responsibility

         Through God’s Word we understand that we own nothing – all we are and have is a gift of His loving care.  God makes people His stewards  (managers) of His gifts and world – and thus we are to use all His gifts a responsible, God-pleasing manner.

Strong Families

         The family is a foundational unit of both the Church and society – and strong families make for strong churches and a more just society.  Resurrection seeks to help families be reflectors of God’s love, mercy and grace.

Child and Youth Ministry

          Children and youth are not only the Church of tomorrow, but also an integral part of the Church today.  Thus a primary ministry at Resurrection is aimed to help children and youth grow and mature in their Christian faith and fellowship, so that they are comfortable living and sharing their faith in Christ.


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