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Phenomena and the Christian

02-30 August: Dreams, Visions, Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and other Phenomena. If one has been a Christian in this modern world for even short while, he or she cannot help but to encounter claims of supernatural or phenomenal experiences by Christians (and beyond). This five-week class will deal with these issues through videos, discussion and what boundaries the Scriptures present for us on such matters. The class is led by Thom Rake.


 02 August  2015  Phenomena and the Christian – Session 1
 09 August  2015  Phenomena and the Christian – Session 2
 16 August  2015  Phenomena and the Christian – Session 3
 23 August  2015  Phenomena and the Christian – Session 4
 30 August  2015  Phenomena and the Christian – Session 5


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