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Magical Strings 2018 Spring Performance

The duo of Philip & Pam Boulding, better known for their roles in Magical Strings, stopped by for their annual spring time performance at Resurrection Lutheran Church on Sunday, April 29.

A special thank you is extended to Ouida and Trevor Archinal for arranging this intimate performance for us.  Philip and Pam Boulding, who have been touring internationally for 36 years and have recorded over 20 albums, performed on their own hand-crafted instruments.  The Boulding’s music allowed us to take a brief mental escape to Ireland.  Their musical arraignments were both enchanting and captivating.  Sharing their love of music through harp, hammer dulcimer, and Irish whistles the Boulding’s performed original compositions as well as traditional Irish tunes and shared some of their favorite tales from their travels.

Following their performance, the audience was invited to a small gathering in our fellowship hall.  This was a lovely opportunity to talk one on one with Philip & Pam about their love of music, Ireland and their plans for the future.  Guests were also able to purchase their latest CD during this fellowship time.