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“Is Our Congregation ‘User Friendly?’”

The View from the Pulpit:


Dear Members of the Body of Christ called Resurrection Lutheran,

Is Our Congregation ‘User Friendly?’”

“How prepared are we as a congregation to make a church guest’s (a worship visitor’s) Sunday morning experience at Resurrection SO POSITIVE that he or she will want to come back?”  Or to use a contemporary phrase, “Is our congregation ‘User Friendly?’”

I wish everyone of us would visit another Christian church once a year (a  church with which you are completely unfamiliar!) so that all of us could be reminded of what it’s like to be a first time visitor.  Many of us have been at Resurrection so long that we hardly remember what it was like when we first visited.  That’s not all bad – it means that we felt welcomed and accepted – that we have become part of the Resurrection family, and that familial closeness is warm and comfortable.

The danger, however, is that we tend to FORGET, or even IGNORE, the needs of our church guests.  We forget that the new visitor is walking into a setting where NOTHING is really familiar.  And for someone who might be unaccustomed to church buildings and Liturgy and activities, the thought of going inside a church not knowing anyone can be EXTREMELY FRIGHTENING!  Questions that can run through the church guests mind could include:

“Where do I park?  Where is the restroom?  Is it handicapped accessible?  Can I nurse my baby in privacy?  How do I enroll my children in Sunday school?  Where is the worship area?  Where can I sit without being to conspicuous?  What exactly will take place?  How do I use this worship book, or booklet?  WILL ANYONE TALK TO ME AND MAKE ME FEEL WELCOME??  Are these people friendly?  Are there people my age here?  Am I the only _____ (Fill in the blank: African-American, Hispanic, Oriental, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc.)?  Am I welcome?  Should I leave?”

During the month of June and July, let’s examine that question: “Is Our Congregation ‘User Friendly?’”  The answer to that question – along with the many questions that go through the minds of our church guests – are critically important because, depending upon our visitor’s Sunday morning experience, they may or may NOT return!!  Please give some prayerful thought on how we can be a ‘User Friendly?’ Congregation.  Next week in the Good News Blast, we will examine another aspect of being a ‘User Friendly’ Congregation.

 “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby

some have entertained angels unawares.”  [Hebrews 13:2]


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The grace and peace of the Lord Jesus be with you all …

Your Fellow Servant in Christ our Lord,

Pastor Hank Hollar