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“Finding the ‘Right’ Church!”

The View from the Pulpit:

Dear Fellow Members of Resurrection, a Family of Believers,

I would like to share a wonderful article written by Pastor Bob Tasler, a LCMS pastor living in Castle Rock, Co.  This article really hit me between the eyes – and I pray that it does the same for you – at least, I hope it makes you THINK!  It is entitled:

“Finding  the ‘RIGHT’ Church!”

Too long.  Too short.  Too big.  Too small.  Too tight.  Too loose.  Too much.  Too little. All these phrases describe much of the clothing we try on.  Finding the “perfect fit” seems at times impossible, but we keep trying, trying, trying.  The perfect fit must be out there somewhere.

Finding a church that is a “perfect fit” poses similar problems for many people, but it isn’t always the fault of the church.  Every church has something that’s not quite right. The pastor may not preach up to our standards.  The Sunday School teacher may disappoint us or our child.  The Church Council or Board of Directors may do things too fast or too slow.  Our gifts may not be appreciated.  Others don’t give enough.  The music may not be to our liking.  Certain liturgies, attitudes, programs or people may make us uncomfortable.  Any one of these things, and more, may tempt us to stay away, or to seek another church, or to stop worshiping all together.

There is no perfect church, and we will never be perfect members.  We know this, and yet we go from one church to the next, looking for the right size, the exact attitude, the right flavor, the perfect fit.  Because we live in the age of Baskin-Robbins and their “31 Flavors,” we want to keep looking till we find the right one, with the right taste and texture.  Meanwhile, we fail God’s Church by not using our talents, or we disappoint our fellow Christians by leaving them for greener pastures, or we weaken the church by our constant search to find the “perfect fit.”

Does God want us to stay at a church where we are miserable?  Of course not.  But why are we miserable?  Are we making other people miserable by our attitude?  Are we really the kind of Christian Church Members God wants or expects us to be?

St. Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:21-22, “In Him (Jesus) the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord.  And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit.”  That means you do have a place in His Church and God wants YOU to occupy it.

What do you really want from a church these days?  A safe haven?  A hiding place?  A mutual admiration society?  A peaceful valley?  A place of perfection?  Or a place to be challenged and grow?  A place where you can welcome all kinds of people?  A group that knows it is weak and frail and needs the Lord Jesus?  A small Christian group that needs you or a big church where you can be entertained?

Will you be a building block in your church?  Or will you be a stumbling block? What does God want you to be in this life among His people?  Are you willing to become that person?

I pray we will all ponder these words from Pr. Tasler!

Your Fellow Servant in Christ our Lord,

Pastor Hank Hollar