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Biblical Justice

Biblical Justice When most people think in terms of “justice,” they normally focus on “punishments” and “pay-back.” We see it on the news almost daily: A person is injured or killed, and immediately there rises up a call for “justice.” Where there is a “wrong,” the call for “justice” usually [...]

What One Church is Doing to Reach Out

                                                    What One Church is Doing to Reach Out Rev. Landon Ledlow from Redeemer Lutheran Church in Austin sent me a copy of a social [...]

The Committed New Life

The Committed New Life If you recall from Sunday’s sermon on Acts 2, God has three essentials needed for working transformation among his people: the Holy Spirit, transformational preaching, and committed people (you can go to www.rlcnn.org/sermonsarchive/be-the-church-essentials-needed-for-god-to-work/ in case you missed or fell asleep during it). The Church was told [...]


“Witnesses” Acts 1 8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Imagine there is a car wreck, and you were there when it [...]

Missional or Attractional? The Value of Embracing a Both/And Mentality

Missional or Attractional? The Value of Embracing a Both/And Mentality In a recent article in Christianity Today, Eddie Cole, the Superintendent of the Easter District of the Evangelical Free Church of America, writes of how every Christian should be missional (outreach-oriented) and every church should be attractional (i.e., bring people [...]


BEING GOOD HOSTS FOR EASTER This coming Sunday is EASTER SUNDAY. This is a Sunday that for many churches sees a higher-than-usual number of GUESTS in attendance, along with what some call “C & E” members (Christmas and Easter attenders). Regular attenders have habits. They like to sit on the [...]

Listening Posts

Listening Posts As we enter a formal, transitional phase of the Intentional Interim Ministry, we will begin to have series of “listening posts” where we will sit and reflect on data collected, history of the church, and asking where God is working in our midst. The first of our “listening [...]


THE MOVEMENT TOWARD THE NEW “Once we’ve thrown off our habitual paths, we think all is lost, but it is only here that the new and good begins.”            – Leo Tolstoy – Change. Everybody’s for it until they’re the ones expected to change; then it becomes feared and dreaded and [...]

missio Dei – “Mission of God”

missio Dei – “Mission of God”           As we recall St. John’s account of Resurrection Sunday, we are given a mission – not just any mission – but the missio Dei…the mission of God. Hear Jesus speak to his disciples: “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, [...]

“Developing a Jesus Heart”

Developing a Jesus Heart This past Sunday we saw the “heart” of Jesus on display as he looked out over Jerusalem, weeping and mourning and lamenting over the holy city: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem…how I would have gathered your children like a hen gathers her brood, and you were not willing!” [...]