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What is the TEAM Philosophy of Ministry?

What is the TEAM Philosophy of Ministry? Historically, churches have place supreme emphasis on their doctrinal statement, thinking a clear statement of a church’s doctrine would pave the way to successful ministry (i.e., knowledge guaranteed function). However, today’s churches are realizing that effective results grow out of clearly stated goals, [...]

What is “the kingdom of God”?

What is “the kingdom of God”? “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” We intone these words each week as we pray the Lord’s Prayer. But have you ever stopped to consider: “What is the kingdom of God.” We know Luther’s answer: “What [...]

What Gen Z Looks For In A Church

What Gen Z Looks For In A Church Izabelle Gurley I once heard someone say that the church is only as healthy as the young people in it because they are the future of the church. I couldn’t agree more! Gen Z is the uprising generation of Americans who were [...]

Like Fire

Like Fire [taken from To Make A Difference by Dr. Peter L. Steinke, pp.97-99]             Mission is the activity that births and sustains the church. Mission is the church’s vocation. A church that neglects the missionary call ceases to be the church, “Just as first exists by burning,” theologian Emil [...]

Strategic Transformation 2

                   Strategic Transformation 2 In our last “Blog,” I spoke about the differences between “declining” and “thriving” congregations and the need for “strategic transformation.” We ended with the nine obstacles that get in the way of transformation within churches. Today I want [...]


STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATION             Transformation is a Biblical process that takes people from where they are to where God wants them to be. Sometimes we call it assimilation; at other times we refer to it as the over-arching goal of discipleship. We know (at least, by now, we should) that the [...]

The Blessing of Failure

The Blessing of Failure Jesus suffered betrayal by his disciples – especially Peter and Judas Iscariot. While we readily acknowledge that Judas betrayed Jesus into the hands of the Temple guards sent to arrest him, Peter betrayed Jesus by refusing to admit that he knew him (or believe in him). [...]

People Tend to “Drift” from Churches

People Tend to “Drift” from Churches When it comes to church, drift leads to distance and distance leads to disconnection – Dan Reiland In a recent blog, Dan Reiland discusses the “5 Most Common Reasons for Church Drift.” I know that summer time often sees members on vacation or on [...]

The Validity of Evangelism and Justice Going Together

The Validity of Evangelism and Justice Going Together Last month I preached from Acts 3 & 4 on how evangelism and justice go together. Peter and John were heading to Temple to worship when they encounter a lame beggar. He had hoped for a handout; they gave a hand up…”get [...]

“It Could Be Easy to Lose Hope”

“It Could Be Easy to Lose Hope” If all you hear is “bad news” and “dire predictions,” it could be easy to lose hope. Yesterday I received an email from a friend who shared the most recently “blog” from Thom Rainer, a researchist and author out of the Southern Baptist [...]