Our mission is to Love and Obey the Savior, Equip believers for Ministry and Share the Good News of Jesus.

Our Mission


The Lord Delivers from all Afflictions

The LORD Delivers from all Afflictions As we approach Holy Week we lift up our eyes to see what God has finished once and for all.  As we prepare for Holy Week we prepare our hearts to reflect on the hard truth that it was our sins that brought our [...]


“HE WILL SIT AS A REFINER AND PURIFIER OF SILVER” A Bible study group was going through the Old Testament as a yearly project, and they came upon these words from the prophet Malachi: “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and [...]

Lent is a Time for Dancing

Lent is a time for dancing Wait a minute.  Isn’t this one of the most solemn seasons in the Church Year?!  How could there be time for dancing in the midst of prayer, fasting and additional time in God’s Word?  Psalm 30:8-12 answers how there is time for dancing just [...]


THE CHOICES WE MAKE “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!”  How many times did I hear that phrase from my mother?  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  As I look around at our country today, I note the choices we can make in a privileged society.  [...]

” Sharing the Gospel, Side by Side “

“Sharing the Gospel, Side by Side” On Sunday, January 25th we gathered around God’s Word with members of our Resurrection family of all ages!  January of this New Year has been a youth emphasis month.  I hope this begs the age-old Lutheran question in each of us, “Youth emphasis month…what [...]

You Are a Greeter, Too!

You  Are  a  Greeter, Too! Do you remember the first time you worshiped at Resurrection?  I do.  Maybe I was different (probably because I was the new pastor), because I had a “tour guide” (who was the late, sainted Dick Hellbaum!).  Most first time guests at Resurrection are not so [...]

“The Secret of Satisfaction”

“The  Secret  of  Satisfaction”   The comedy film “Cool Running” is about the first Jamaican bobsled team to go to the Olympics.  The late actor John Candy plays a former American gold medalist who coaches the team.  The Jamaicans affectionately dub the overweight coach “sled-god.” Later in the story, the [...]

Respond Rather Than React

You know what’s amazing?  The way God continues to speak directly and honestly to humanity today (right now in November of 2014!) in the way only He can; with timeliness, applicability and His timeless Truth.  One of my devotions last week asked a great application question: “Read 1 Peter 2:9-10 [...]


“Give!  Give!  Give!”  From religious TV shows to church pulpits to mass mailings – from door-to-door appeals to EMV’s (Every Member Visits): for most Christians, the words “Give!  Give! Give!”  (til it hurts … til it feels good … til you reach your fair share … til you tithe …) [...]


BLESSED . . . BY NEW BEGINNINGS Beginnings . . . a good word to describe the month of September: the beginning of the a “new congregational work year” (2014-2015) . . . the beginning of school (and our own Resurrection Lutheran School & Child-Care) and colleges . . . [...]