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10 June and following through the summer –  Cultivating Christian Character:  The destiny of every believer is Christlikeness, but everything about the sinful world around us works to derail the believer’s journey.  Worse yet, believers are frequently their own worst enemies.  This is not a 2018 problem.  The Apostle Peter saw it soon after the resurrection of Christ and warned the first century church that religious pluralism and an immoral cultural were leading to spiritual corruption.  Believers needed to be established in their knowledge of Christ.  His message resonates today.  In 2 Peter 1, the Apostle outlines what a believer must do to cultivate his/her Christian character.  Join Kevin Altman beginning June 10 as we explore the essential virtues all Christians must cultivate to develop greater Christlikeness. (Class Notes)



10 June and following through the summer  –  “JESUS – LEGEND OR  LORD“:  Join Pastor Hank as he presents this video series by Best-Selling Lutheran  author and Scholar, Dr. Paul Maier, Retired Professor of Ancient History, Western Michigan  University.  Jesus is one of the most written about and debated figures in the world.  Dr. Maier explores what he calls the “three-lane highway” to the past through the disciplines of archaeology, history and geography.  Along the journey, we look back to the world that Jesus Himself saw as He moved toward the cross.


17 June – August 5th- Christianity 101:  Young adults ages 11-25 are invited to join us for Christianity 101.  This innovative Bible study is geared toward the modern young adult.  Target audience is 17-25 but certainly appropriate for Jr. and Sr. high youth.  Topics will include: What is Life?, Good Thing Gone Bad, Our Problem, Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, and Our Response. We are excited that this Bible study will be lead by John Retzlaff, who is home from college this summer.










Contact the Church Office for more details.

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Tuesday Small Group Bible Study: (10:1511:30 am in Room 120 – Youth Room)

We are now on our summer break.  We’ll resume at our usual time and place in the fall, on Tuesday September 11, 2018.  Topic TBA. Coffee is always served, often with some goodies to share.  Anyone interested is welcome to attend.  Contact Deni Lewis or the Church Office if you need further information.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study:  (6:30 – 7:30 am in Room 120 – Youth Room)

Join us as we make our way through the long, eventful trials of God’s people following the giving of the Law and the death of Moses.  We have just moved on to Isaiah. Please join us in Room 127 (or 120, as needed!).  Extra Bibles — and, of course, Lutheran-brewed coffee plus something sweet! ­­— are always available!

Wednesday Noon Bible Study:  (11:45 am – 12:45 pm in Room 120 – Youth Room )

This study, taught by Pr. Hank, meets on Wednesdays around lunch (11:45) and lasts one hour.  It utilizes “The Story Bible” (NIV) as we examine the sweep of God’s redemptive history, beginning with the Creation story.  “The Story Bible” is available from Pr. Hank. Join us as together we grow in the Word of the Lord!  You are welcome to bring a lunch as we are fed both physically and spiritually!

Wednesday Evening Bible Study: (meets at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall).  This study will not meet during the Lenten Season.

“A Journey through James, 1,2, 3 John, and Jude.”  These smaller books of the New Testament are still very important for our faith-lives, as they speak to us on how to live a Christian life in a world of sin and corruption.  James is perhaps the oldest of the New Testament books, and seeks to give guidelines on what marks a Christian in life.  He is also the half-brother of our Lord Jesus.  The Apostle John is the writer of the three Epistles that bear his name.  These books are cast in terms of stark opposites, with the Apostle stressing the reality of the cosmic battle between God and the devil, and reminding all readers that they are part of this battle.  Jude is another half-brother of our Lord Jesus, who writes to encourage Christians to contend for the truth of God’s Word, and its application to life.




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                                       Jesus in the Old Testament

Race, Culture, Ethnicity (RaCE) & the Church

A Life Well Lived – Ecclesiastes

Stewardship – Who wants to be a Steward?

Legacy Thinking -“Legacy Guide: Planning Your Will and Trust

Issues and Answers

Christmas Myths, Music and Symbols 18Dec16


The Cost of Discipleship

Stewardship Principles


Building a Family Legacy

Dreams, Visions, Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and other Phenomena

James – A Field-Guide to Christian Living / Jude  – Dealing with False Teachings

The Practical Christian Life: Living in the Two Kingdoms

The Epistle to the Romans:

Marriage (and Single) By God’s Design

Christmas Myths, Carols and Symbols

Having Fun with Theological Words

I, Charles Darwin

The Old Testament Tabernacle


Parables and Proverbs

Understanding the Ten Commandments

Your Best Life Later: The Christian and Eternal Rewards


Christian Apologetics – Defending Your Faith

Ask, Seek Knock – Prayer

God’s Plan For Your Life

God’s Attributes and Essence

The Pastoral Epistles- Timothy

Ephesians – The Church: God’s Servant



Creation / Evolution / Dinosaurs

1 Corinthians

Parables of Jesus

A Discipling Disciple

Now Concerning Spiritual Gifts

Discovery 101

First & Second Peter

Passage to Narnia

The Holy Trinity

Trillionaire Game (from Trinity Class)

AcknowledgmentsUnless otherwise indicated, all scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version,© 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.  Services created by Lutheran Service Builder, © 2006 Concordia Publishing House.

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