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Choir Starting

Dear Resurrection Family!

The first verse of the first numbered hymn in our church’s hymnal (Lutheran Service Book, No. 331) puts it rather well, on more than one level:

“The advent of our King / Our prayers must now employ,

       And we must hymns of welcome sing / In strains of holy joy.”

As summer vacation time draws to a close, our small sanctuary choir will gather next week on Thursday, August 27, in Room 105 at our usual practice time, 6:30 p.m.  Our choir year runs to about the middle of May.  Our normal practice runs from 60 to 75 minutes, but for next week, we’ll focus less on the clock & more on just getting acquainted again.

If you are new to our congregation, or perhaps not so new, if you like to sing but are just a little wary of singing “in public,” why not drop on by to meet us next week?  We love the Lord & we aim to make the best music we can to the glory of His name, but we also strive to love one another, as Jesus commanded!

Our members are a hearty blend of casual music lovers & more experienced singers.  We sing a hearty blend of pieces drawn from both ancient & modern sources.  In our last season, for example, we presented on two different occasions – Christmas Eve & Ash Wednesday – fresh-sounding arrangements by a composer who grew up right here and is now published by a national Lutheran publisher!

Speaking of fresh-sounding, I am pleased to announce to you that we are soon to be joined by a most unusual but gifted new member:  it’s not a person, but a musical instrument!  Our church council recently approved the replacement of our downtrodden choir loft spinet with a state-of-the-art, touch-sensitive electronic piano, always in perfect tune & bound to prove an inspiration to all of us!

Help us increase our voices, high or low, grand or modest, by joining our sanctuary choir!  In doing so, you might very well discover what the angels already know:  that singing praise to our Creator & Redeemer is the expression of the pure joy that is our response to God’s eternal gifts!

And so, let me personally sing to you “Welcome!” or “Welcome back!” – whichever the case.  We strive for that holy joy the hymn writer mentioned, out of love for God and one another!


Rich Peltz

Choir Director & Organist